Who We Are

Hi! We’re people too!

We started as a group of four young, motivated entrepreneurs from four different countries, excited to solve a problem we’d faced: uncomfortable clothes. Though we came from different backgrounds, we all shared a specific experience. Every summer day, after a long day at the office, we’d be ready to kick back and chill. What instead awaited us was a journey through the subway. Melting into our office clothes, the humidity was palpable. Our sweat turned to frustration. We’d wonder why we had to wear these blazers, these claustrophobic jackets that seemed to squeeze what breath remained in our lungs. Do these clothes actually make us any more professional? The frustration turned to an idea! What if there was a professional line of clothing that was specifically designed for comfort?

To be fair, habits are hard to break. Our first week into this innovative endeavor, we were still going to work in overdone, formal attire. These clothes could probably be registered as weapons with how suffocating they were. It wasn’t until a few days later that Mariyam suggested: “We run the company; can’t we just wear our clothes?” Though a bit ashamed at how blind we were, we immediately changed our office apparel from business professional to Comfort Closet only. Our productivity has only improved since.

Passionate about our products, we’re proud to present The Comfort Closet. We really hope you enjoy your experience with us, as much as we’ve enjoyed working on it. With comfort ingrained in our office and culture, we’re proving that coziness and professionalism aren’t mutually exclusive. 

-Jeremiah, the cool guy


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