What is Pro-Leisure?

What is Pro-Leisure?

We stand on the shoulders of many who have come before us, reinterpreting and refining the brilliant, creative, and often times confounding outcomes of fashion. Without Athleisure, Pro-Leisure could never have come to fruition.

Athleisure quickly evolved from an interesting trend to a decade defining movement because of its comfort, convenience, and style. A general realization that the functionality of sportswear was desirable beyond its intended use paved the way for athletic clothing brands to offer more fashionable products. The outcome was a groundbreaking fashion movement, revolutionizing contemporary perspectives on how clothing could be worn. In essence, you no longer need to sacrifice comfort for style.

Does comfort have to be reserved for Athleisure? We don’t think so. History is replete with individuals sacrificing comfort for fashion, the most recognizable being the suffocating corsets and boiling suits of the Victorian era. However, with modern materials and techniques, we believe it is possible to create comfortable iterations of any product. A consequence of the Ivy-League fashion style, Pro-Leisure is a line of preppy clothing with comfort as the main objective. It’s an urban aesthetic that features versatility and professionalism while eliminating discomfort and pretentiousness. At the end of the day, it’s a preppy spin on streetwear.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Rather than imagining what this style should look like, check out our look book on the home page for a visual definition!

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  • Adam

    I really love this concept. There are now more options to be comfortable but not always look like you’re going to the gym. I wish more businesses would adopt the idea of comfort into their attire guidelines. Wearing a boxy suit doesn’t make you any better at your job. In fact, I feel dressing more casually and in your own personal style could make you a lot better at your job.

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