Our Inevitable COVID-19 Article

Our Inevitable COVID-19 Article

I hope you are all safe and well. As you might have noticed, we haven’t had any mention of the COVID-19 pandemic on our website. We wanted our platform to be a haven tucked away from what seems to now dominate every aspect of our lives. However, we have recently decided that the pandemic has had significant enough of an impact on us that we can ignore it no longer. 

On our end, the COVID-19 pandemic has lowered morale, delayed inventory shipments, and worst of all, hospitalized family of team members. We are extremely sorry that we haven’t been able to provide the seamless service we have in the past.

Perhaps the most user-facing complication caused by the pandemic has been our longer shipping times. There have been sharp disruptions in our imports and month-long standstills on our shipments. After taking time to ensure our products are safe, they are put before a queue of thousands of other shipments. However, you can trust that we are doing everything in our power to deliver the exceptional service we have in the past, despite the pandemic. We hope that you will be understanding as we continue through these unavoidable difficulties.

To our loyal, existing customers, we have received your loving emails, and for this we are extremely grateful. Thank you. It makes what we’re doing all worth it.

From everyone here at The Comfort Closet, stay comfy and stay safe.

-The Comfort Closet Team

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